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Yangzhou plush toy gift design contest awards announced changeable "chicken" gold pick award

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Plush toy industry is one of the traditional characteristics of Yangzhou industry, the supply of domestic and foreign markets to occupy a major share of the employment capacity of the rich industries, small and micro enterprises pioneering and innovative industries. In April this year, Yangzhou started the design competition of soft toy gifts. The Organizing Committee of the Competition upholds the principle of openness, fairness and fairness. Based on its professionalism, popularity and applicability, it takes the market-oriented and internationalization as the leading factor and selects one Batch of outstanding design works and designer team, at the same time in promoting the transformation of creative achievements, industrial restructuring and upgrading also made useful attempts.

The design team of Golden Gordon, the gold medal winner of the contest, is a company from Yangzhou. The official of the company told reporters that the work contains 128 expressions, 33 wallpapers and 1 picture book. The extended products include charging Po, umbrellas, T-shirts, necklaces and phone cases. 'Gordon Chick' is a chick with a cute face, a round body and a cute face, sometimes a festive bingo, sometimes a sailing master and sometimes an elegant British dress, It is popular with the public in a changing image. "




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