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Soft toy fabric knowledge introduction

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Stuffed toy fabric knowledge introduced Stuffed toy fabric knowledge plush toy fabric composition

Short velveteen Description: Short velveteen fabric, so toys inside the finest material, is the most fashionable in the world of a fabric. The surface of this fabric is covered by the towering fuzz, the fuzz height is generally about 1.2mm, forming a smooth suede, so called velveteen.
Short velveteen features:
1, velveteen surface is covered with a pile of hair, it is soft and flexible and feel good, shiny and smooth, the surface is not easy to wrinkle.
2, thick hair, and the surface villi can form the air layer, so good thermal insulation.
The appearance of short velveteen: The appearance of fine velveteen should reach full plump upright, even and smooth, suede smooth and smooth, soft color, small directional, soft and smooth feel, flexible and other requirements.




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